Today i came to the first questions, what would be the best for Germany?

The reorganization for the state should done, under the old, but valid, law of emperor Wilhelm ll, sounds possible?

This makes a peace agreement possible, with the Allies, because we are under international law?

I hope the spirit from this emperor is known and i think also he was inspired by the knownly written government mandate from Imam Ali for Malik Al-Aschtar in the Name of Allah or Lord or maybe Jesus or maybe Wen Chang?

Is this for the organisation of the state sufficient?

The problem would be the borders, but this will be solvable using the immense fortunes of the English crown and its banking houses in London and Rome?

But i also mean the party based deep state system from 1942 will not go by self, to another universe, so the question would be, the military administration will help here?

And in the end i think this Ali son of Abu Taleb had get his text at first from Allah, when he was sent to Lebanon on his behalf. The text is more actual than all others i was able to find for today.

With love.




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