"Despite the constant negative press covfefe" from DJT on Twitter 20170531 12:06EMEDT was the target of the Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement Act (COVFEFE Act).

His message was a hint to future things happens, or the future proves past.

In the same manner it was his wish all should go on with love. But we all know, the Kabbalah around the false Jews was not willing to fight in a clear open way. So this message without the love means nothing more in the coding of the Kabbalah own system:

[against] The Constitution Of The United States Of America 

Or in the words of the gods meaning: Mathematical Proof I Am The One Sent By God. But in knowing this, he was crazy enough to say, I'm not the chosen one! So he gave them sugar for his crazyness, so they are able to bear in mind the big picture, but only if they are not complete stupid.

On the other hand with the love he was given them the hint in their own system: Fight The Corrupt Fake News Media Vote.

In our time now the gods will remember to us: Fda Approves Pfizer Vaccine For Emergency Use [only]! I don't see this emergency in the world, because there is no pandemic, only the invisible enemy permanent saying this on MSM as Fake message.

The world has in sum less deaths in the past year than the years before, so there is only a pandemic defined by a private company named WHO! Why we should accept this Definition from this company?

And we have also the time stamp as mathematical aspect here: the Kabbalah knows this many many many years, how their system is working: And He Had In His Right Hand Seven Stars And Out Of His Mouth Went A Sharp Twoedged Sword And His Countenance.

If we use words from gods books mho he was coding: If Suffering Doesnt End Can I At Least Get Some Happiness To Carry Me Through? May be his sugar words gave him this happiness;)

With love/#covfefe, X.


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