Coming from this community SharePoint/PnP example on github for overdue taks i have created a version on SharePoint Framwork (SPFx) 1.6 the nucleolus way.
That means, the spfx updater was not successful working, so i created a new extension project and merged the code from the original (spfx 1.4) to this new one.

  • Added a german localization and changed some points in code to run on a std. multilingual SharePoint environment ;) 
  • Added iteration over all subsites from the given context, if we found overdue task item, the code stops to show this on SP UI 
    • overdue is found by DueDate < ToDay and PercentComplete != 1 (100%), the text in Status is language depended, so not useable at this point 
    • next will be showing all overdue tasks from all sites may be from a dropdown list
  • This SPFx Application Extension runs with one paramter to set the name for the task list to search for, so on all sites the task list should have the same std. name: 'Tasks' given by named parameter.
    • may be search for list of type tasks in the future
  • will still work on a pull request to update the above repository
  • at this point the production *.sppkg package file is only 46KB havy and runs JS outohosted from SharePoint tenant CDN



a german environment


  • to isnstall such a spfx package you need only the physical file an drag them on your app catalog
  • after the approvement, you are able to go to a sharepoint web site and add the app to the site content


app catalog after upload and approvement, here we see all id's and namings are different from the git repository, because the mess with the update, but i will change this all for compatibitity..


this package ist now in sync with the original settings, and supports also the new tenant wide deployment option from spfx 1.6



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