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On cosmos dB put all your data in one collection. It's not relational - think different!

For example:

  • we have created a Cosmos DB named AllCosmosDb,
  • there we have created a collection
    • named allDataInDb
    • Storage Unlimited
    • Throughput 1000 RU/s (Estimated spend (USD): $0.080 hourly / $1.92 daily)
    • Partition key set to /TheDescriptor

Now if we save there from a student object our first document, where we set the attribute TheDescriptor automaticly to Student we get this from the Data Explorer:


if we go bak in our relational DB thinking, we are now able to save all our tables in only one big collection.
And if we are creazy, we are also able to put all our applications DB'tables in this one collection ;)


Torsten Schuster

Torsten Schuster

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