imho in the european countries this story would't written from the mainstream media like in the press in us:

If they were covering Jesus Christ's trial, it'd be: "A spokesman for Pontius Pilate informed the Jerusalem News that the accused threatened to overthrow the government and replace it with his own kingdom. 'We took a strong stand, because the threat was both broad and deep,' said Marcus Spartacus, from Pilate's office. 'The sedition laws are clear and will be enforced vigorously.'" A lot of the story gets missed, you see, when you only quote spokespeople for one side. Even if you get quotes from both sides, it's still not the complete story. Reporting is where you find out, when possible, who is telling the truth by digging for facts, not just scribbling down quotes. Otherwise, you could just miss the story of the century. I know you know that. Just a friendly reminder.


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