Yesterday he was again here on my screen.

The whole live of my childhood, it was a ritual in the evening to see on tube television 1800 time a good nighy story from the Sandman. Also he always carried a bag of sleeping sand, which he sprinkled in the eyes of the children on the end of the story to fall asleep. This always helped!

Now we all are a little bit older;) but for the younger ones, the Sandman is always there.

We have learned, if there will be really sand in our eyes, we need a lot of our own body salt water, known as tears, to get them cleaned up, at this time we are unable to see and focus correctly.

Yesterday, I commented on a few thoughts on life's questions here and there.

There was a picture in my timeline showing up, a microscopic view of sand.  The individual parts shown there are all known more ore less from bigger ones. So my thoughts were instantly on the past stories from moon. What he is and not is, that the members of the US Apollo program visited him. And i was so kind to ask my school friend last time, working on EU ESA, if the Americans were really up there?

They brought sand from the surface of the moon back to the earth. Analyzed him and showed up, it should from the earth and million's of years old.

So my questions was, how deep is the sand on the moon, and why we in Germany have the figure named Sandmann.

Late in the evening, i was already in bed, but could not sleep. So i picked up my little comunication toy, to read again something. A message poped up with a video, live transmitted approximately 7 hours after i was asking for Sandmann.

There were a lot of people close to each other, all armed with photon traps.  With an unknown music, they were waiting for something?

I suddenly got tired, got something at 45, and that the music was Sandman from the Yankees.  The Maestro made a very friendly face special on the right side in direction of the C•SPAN trap in the crowd.  Thanks a lot! I was able to switch off my toy, and was sleeping with good dreams about 42.

Now i know the light is working!


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