All what you need is FCKeditor, load the newest version from the download site. Then create in your Microsoft Sharepoint v3 (sp) virtual directory, at the root level, a new one with name 'FCKeditor'.

UnZip the downloaded file and copy the content from the dir 'fckeditor' to your new sp directory.

Then imho you should make a copy of your original C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\htmledit.aspx template page, because you will change the content inside this template in the next step.

After the copy was done, you change the original page template for the Rich Text Editor in the rigth manner. Thats all. If all was good considered, you will be happy like i with this:

Get a bigger picture here.

Update: the text includs an easteregg link, for the missing new template, hosting the FCKeditor for Microsoft SharePoint v3 or 2007 to change the JavaScript editor in the 'Content Editor Web Part'.


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