1) The climate has changed longer than the homo sapiens exist.

2) Maybe the current change is increased by the humans - as a fact.

3) The humans have now realised this.

4) They postulate, we must stop this now, we will transform our society.

5) Now means in 2035-50 the CO2 output from the human industries must be zero. Ideally the [power] consumtion must drastically decrease.

5a) This will only working, if all countries on earth will go the exact same direction, or better do it under one wise chairman. Currently it is a project by whom?

6) The humans have decided to do this with renewable energy plants.

7) The problem they must solve, where is the energy come from, if no wind is blowing and no sun is shining. But they think the energy production will be decentralised and digital controlled.

8) The problem they must solve, where are the areas where is agriculture allowed, where are the areas where the other animals are allowed to live. Ownership and property will be subordinated to this.

9) If all this is working fine and solved over a period of 50 year, the humans will be thinking about, how does all this work if we get an ice age?

10) Maybe the human culture will solve all this actual and future problems, because problems are only posulted to find a solution for the problem.

11) Then mankind will know why the cultures have gone down before, or have fought on the wrong front?

12) The actual wise Chairmans for this movement, how they think they get the power for this big transformation?


Believe it or not.




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