So we see here a number with in three times five.

The experimenting engineer is saying this name is coming from three resistors inside this Chip.

But 555 is also the hebrow gematric number for GOD IN HUMAN FORM or TODAY. That mean, if you go to the alphabet and builds the sum of valence assigned to char, you get 555. If you now builds the sum from this numbers again and again you are coming from FACE to 6. And now you are in the middle of three numbers of Infinitive series of: 3-6-9

On the other side you have this 8 bit computer working only with such a timer to infinite loops. The 8 lying is the sign for infinity of God.

In nature all is build with relative simple Infinitive repetitions, but in science you are able to generate very complex theories around this, but it brings you not to the the true of the nature.

with love


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