Is it stoppable, after eppstein is death?

The US President urges them all to drag as quickly as possible over the scaffold!

May be, now it will go so much faster, there was a court date mid next year, but there was also a date this year, before Christmas.

What role did Maxwell play in Germany?


From 2012 a winning short movie:

We see US-Präsident Bush Jr. as puppet inside a Free Masonic Temple, we are able to see the fallen France cathedral from 2019, who is this guy on bark?

Why is this animation movie from 2012? There exists the rumour a contract was ended. One party of this contract has lost there earnings, because they have not fullfilled the contract. But i think it is not so profan, only a game based on money. It is more spiritual and very great.

How in 2012 was a human able to see the fallen cathedral, or is the cathedral fallen because this animation exist?


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