God is infinity. https://youtu.be/vjRhRXxXbm4

The Catholic Vatikan, until June 2019, the ruler of this world, say he is the Alpha and Omega. This is stolen from Greek, but why the Greeks had written down in this manner?

At this time the ruler of the world in this time had vorbidden to use the F and Q chars in Greek language. We don't know exactly why? We read in the books, it was not more used, who ever believes will be saved;) so the Greek wise writers, knowing what a [Ku:]haut was, used now the Omega char because it looks like the Q char and was also the end of their alphabet. In the language before the Greeks the language from Adam and Eve, it's stands for ANFANG and ENDE.

If you calculate on this chars you get in Jewish 149 in English 426 and simple 71. So you have three numbers 5 3 8, in sum 7, not bad, or? But the simple or the Q are both with 71 and 17  in sum 8. Eight plus Schamasch are the nine lights, or not?

So if you put the 8 on its side, you get ∞, so what do you see now? The infinity possibilities god is able to use in his proof.

with love


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