The mayor of Livermore California explains Trump’s popularity and success. This is perhaps the best explanation for Trump's popularity

is this the thruth, or more the word from a commenter on this?

To Julian McCall, Mayor of Livermore California: Well written defense of Donald Trump which the Trumpers will definitely love. I enjoyed the references to General Grant and General Patton (you missed General MacArthur) none of whom had perfect moral personas. I am also a student of the American Generals and your references and conclusions could very well be true.  I am a conservative Republican but a never-Trumper because I have thoroughly researched this man's history and character. If you also did, you will find that he is not a conservative, he is a double-faced liberal when it is convenient to be one (research his past interviews on abortion, the Iraq war, the Vietnam War, the deficit and so many others) and why was he donating big money to the Democrats when it was convenient for him and his businesses to do so? Neither is he a conservative. It was just politically convenient for him to advance himself (not his causes because he did not have any). You have all forgotten what his primary opponents including the decent ones Romney, McCain, Jeb Bush, Kasich and Graham said about him? Have you ever wondered why, at all costs, he remained fixated on his 39% right-wing base and never reached out to the rest of the American people whom he is supposed to speak for?  And as for the author, Julian McCall who is a good and passionate conservative I must admit, albeit wearing the liberal pin, with all due respect, it is sad that you strongly feel that your end justifies your means. You keep accenting the comments with "Truth", but examine your arguments as many of them will not pass the fact-check. You bend the truth, you exaggerate, you love quoting lines out of context and even reword original text to come to your own conclusions. And lastly, again with all due respect, where is your principle? Running as a Democrat even if you oppose their values only to win in a "liberal" region in the Bay Area? So victory at all costs for you, at the expense of selling your soul?  Come on. Keep your hypocrisy to yourself because your glib talk wins over the Trumpers as expected. But glib talk and phony research will only take you so far. Let history be our judge.


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