I'm a long time supporter for this project https://youtu.be/od8YXWpD-dU, and I would say nobody is allowed to shut it down!

Maybe it sounds crazy if you read the following words.

What I have heard here sounds like a violation of a peace contract, so this is a local pirate acting from my view.

Because this problem is also solved in the freedom agreement from June third twenty nineteen (3. June 2019), I think. This Act was signed between Her Majesty The Queen Elisabeth II on behalf of all activities of the Vatican and on the victory side from the original U.S. Republic on America represented by Donald John Trump in representation of the highest God on earth.

If the owner of this project will have further problems with the authority, he should go directly to Downing Street ten to Boris Johnson maybe using his Twitter account @BorisJohnson, because he is responsible worldwide for such troubles, or to the attorney of DJT Rudy W. Giuliani @RudyGiuliani I would suggest.

With love/#covFEFE.


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