My only suggestion in here is, this Linus in this timeline is not the same as in reality, because he is not an expert on this item, maybe the other guy also not, but why should the nature done this imperfectly?

This Linus here had written down some texts from where?

There are no more deaths in the world, like without corona, so there is no corona, the statistics are now missing the normal flu. 

Yes, the writing with the "bad education" may be harsh words from the original Linus' thinking, but at last this Linus is not able to tell us why TWO AND TWO IS FIVE is always correct , before the biblical flood and also after, he should not go in this medical-political field here! Bad Entries Judged.

The holy Corona was murdered in 177 a.Chr., the human with common sense should not use the name in a opposite manner, i think. But they had, so something is wrong with the kernel, or?

with love


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