Twitter suspended our accounts, maybe also because this questions:


Realise on deeper viewing:

There seams to be a state union named United States of America with their capital town in Washington D.C., or not?

Washington D.C. is not on the territory of the United States of America, why?

It's a district on the territory of the U.S. state Columbia as exterritoriale area owned by a company named U.S. Corporation last known owned by the British Commonwealth, this last owned by the Vatikan placed on a exterritoriale area inside the town Roma on the area of the state Italy, was this wrong?

Is it possible as a company to have a central office anywhere in the world, calling capital?

Is it possible to have as state your capital town outside your state area?

Who was the indended owner of the U.S. Republic in their founding time given them a Constitution by their founding fathers?

Was there a change in history of this, and when? By what?

Have the U.S. Corporation and the U.S. Republic different flags? If yes, what's the difference, and why, based on what rules?

Was there a change in presidential inauguration date in history of the U.S.?

What was also in this year a big change in the word happened?

Was there a significant change on the above ownerships, showed by the MSM over the past years, but may be with a mirrored audio stream overlay, so you eventually also mirrored the seen video pictures by yourself?

If you all have mirrored this in your own brains only, so are the trees now all upside down, bearing fruit under Mother Earth's lap?

PS, is this Text the original one? So not the Vatikan version from one eight seven six February?


Follow the plan!

Never give up!

With love/#Covfefe,

4Alle Raymond Netsrot 







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