Ask yourself

Why did the U.S. Republic provided voting slips with a blockchain-based watermark, which generated a contract every time it was transported by postel office service? 

Was it with this also possible, even if the printing for the scanner machines are more than imperfect to detect and verify the exact voting intent?

Maybe it is with this also possible to find a lot more, what was ongoing under the direction of the democrat based U.S. Corporation based Polling stations?

Who is the root owner of this key for this chain, to recalculate with quantum technology all this big money based on the birth certificates against the Vatikan also? So in the end the U.S. Republic is not anymore in the hand of the dark enemy of this world!?

Is it possible to steal this root key or the postel office service key?

Was the swamp aware of this, so they where able to acknowledge their defeat, and play a clean Response? I think so, the pictures where always openly available.

With love/#Covfefe,

4Alle Ray MCCVII


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