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With SharePoint on premise we have on the Full Trust Solution Farm stack all possibilities to build real long live stable business applications, for example we are able to proof that our distributed transactions are all-time come to one end.

In the new Client Side Object Model or on the communication with the REST web service we haven't a transactional flow on the first view, but the Azure Service Bus messaging have transactional features. A code example: https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsazure/Brokered-Messaging-8cd41d1e.

My hope would be, that with the next version of SP v16 and there the new special service for third party, we get a deeper idea, how we are able to hold also the SP list item changes transactional, and my wish would be, that we are able to use this service also on AZURE. 

ohne Verkleidung durften wir zum Parkeisenbahnertag in Dresden die Technik schon beschnuppern, und obwohl es nicht besonders heiß ist kann man darauf auch barfuß stehen, aber nicht langWinking smile

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